How can we nurture ecological, social, and spiritual resilience in the heart of the climate crisis? Rich in resources for regeneration and resistance, Loam: Reawakening Resilience is an immersive exploration into honoring grief, cultivating community, and sparking change. Designed to last a lifetime, our hope is that this vibrant issue of Loam will be a beloved resource as you navigate what it means to foster resilience in your heart, in your community, and in our world during this transformative era of unraveling and rebuilding.


In this issue you’ll find:

  • Energizing interviews with artists and activists such as brontë velez, amirio freeman, Vero and Caitlin of Sweet Hollow Farm, Taress, Dionne, River, and Zo of Community Roots, Bryce Ehrecke, and Kaitlin Bryson

  • Meditations on (re) imagining resilience from creatives like Wai’ala Ahn, Alica Forneret, Amelia Davis, and Daria Hlazatova

  • Illuminating illustrations by Rachael Gonzalez, Molly Costello, and Madeleine Welsch

  • Essays on cultural, ecological, and spiritual resilience by Kailea Frederick, Lily Myers, Drew Costley, Phillip Taylor, and Sue Pierre

  • Vibrant photo essays by Michael Estrada and Aeran Squires

  • Recipes to nourish the body and soul from Sana Javeri Kadri of Diaspora Co. and Farah Jesani of One Stripe Chai

  • Herbal remedies to support resilience from community herbalist Jade Alicandro Mace

  • Luminous photography by Jess Drawhorn, Laura Dudek, Kelly Brown, Andrew Hara, Timothy Smith, and Austin Drawhorn

  • Sustainable style editorial by Dominique Drakeford


Perfect bound and printed by Hemlock Printers, a 100% carbon-neutral manufacturer, this issue is slated for release in mid-August. To guarantee a copy (Loam prints in limited runs), pre-order today. We are deeply grateful for your support and so excited to share this luscious magazine with you all.

Kate WeinerComment