Loam x Two Hands Full: Gold Mountain Arnica Bowl

Loam x Two Hands Full: Gold Mountain Arnica Bowl


These gorgeous bowls in Gold Mountain Arnica are designed to help you nourish your self and your community. Soup is healing medicine that can connect us to the beauty of gathering with our loved ones to cook up good food and dig into engaging conversation. Crafted by Amelia Davis of Two Hands Full, these beloved vessels are yours to cherish in connection with your community. As Amelia writes:

My hope for the design of this bowl was to reflect on storytelling—a component keystone to the beauty of Loam. The throwing marks on each bowl, the marks that brought each bowl to life, represent not only the story of their making process, but that of diversity in community. A set of these bowls together each have their own textural map, much like that of a flourishing diverse community. No two the same. Instead of smoothing over the lines to make a more refined shape, I enhanced them to let them be highlighted and their individuality and process embraced. 

Dishwasher safe, though handwashing is recommended. 

They each measure approximately 6” x 4". Due to their handmade nature, each one will vary slightly in size. 

Each bowl will also come with a letterpress card from Naoise of The Chain Press highlighting a recipe from community herbalist Jade Alicandro Mace of Milk & Honey Herbs.

Orders must be made by December 18th to arrive by the 25th for holiday gifts.

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