Micro Movements

Micro Movements


Micro Movements is a response to readers. Many of you have written to share that our articles and interviews on everyday practices to sustain the spirit, feed the revolution, and help you to better live your values are especially meaningful. Micro Movements is also a reaction to the feelings of powerlessness that so many of us wrestle with as we navigate a world mapped by political chaos, state-sanctioned violence against communities of color, climate inaction, and social injustice.

Integrating small practices into our lives that affirm our inherent power helps us exercise our muscles for bigger and bolder action. More than anything, when we take the time to name and to nurture our value system through heart-filled micro movements, we seed meaningful lives rooted in reciprocity and regeneration.

It’s in that spirit that permaculture practitioner Aeran Squires and environmental educator Kate Weiner share small steps that each one of us can take in service of supporting environmental stewardship and sustainable living in Micro Movements.

This engaging workbook is meant to be a resource you can turn to for accessible interventions when you are struggling to find power in the face of ecological crisis and an oppressive sociocultural climate . Your body, your community, and your ecosystem are cherished wells of wonder and wisdom and we hope that the simple practices in Micro Movements—from a guide to political activism to a compost tea DIY to a checklist to support you in living low-waste— will reconnect you to your intrinsic interconnectedness.

In this print publication you’ll find:

  • 15 practices to support values-based living with relevant recipes, remedies, and resources

  • 80+ pages of creative content

  • Original photography from Aeran Squires

  • 4 x 6 and perfect bound