Wherever you are in the world, we hope you'll support Break Free. This momentous two-week long movement is a call to action against the fossil fuel industry. Coordinated by the brilliant and brave crew of 350, Break Free is about putting pressure on the producers to switch to entirely renewable energy sources. Our environment is too precious—and our lives in too great peril—to waste any more time waiting for change.

And if there's anything the recent wave of advocacy has proven, we are incredibly capable of change when we fight. So let's fight. Find an action near where you live using this helpful link. If you can make it to a rally, do so. Rallies are a rare opportunity in this technology-driven world to celebrate and connect in person—to breathe in the same air, to share the same space, to work passionately together for the same cause. If you can't make it to a rally, you can still be an invaluable part of the action by serving as a digital witness.

We already know what good we can do when we amplify our voices. Join Loam in Breaking Free this May.

Kate WeinerComment