Based in L.A., Blue Orchid Botanicals is home to handmade lotions and luscious body butters. During my conversation with Founder Falon (above) I was struck by her passion for holistic wellness. We didn't talk as much about the natural beauty business as we did about the values that had shaped her decision to use skincare as a gateway into living well. "I love creating skincare," Falon tells me, "but I really love to build things with people too."

As a mother, student, and job placement counselor, Falon has learned the power of listening--to your body, to others, to the world that you inhabit. Her interest in holistic wellness started with her transition into plant-based eating. Gradually, however, she applied the same conscientious label reading she brought to the supermarket toward skincare. Holistic wellness can be a way to help us align our personal values with respect for the planet. Falon saw her burgeoning beauty business as a small way to contribute to a culture that recognizes the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. She started selling body scrubs and since then has found that her work lets her link in with a much larger community of healers, earth advocates, and D.I.Y-ers. "Growing my business has made me so much more open-minded [to different ways of being]," Falon shares. "It's been a conduit for connecting to the community."

Throughout our conversation, we gravitate toward the need for collective healing and the power of women's circles (as a female entrepreneur, Falon is especially passionate about growing the grounds for collaboration). "We need a lot more healing [in our society]. I hope that I can help be a guide for healing." As Falon tells me, her job is about showing people options. "We have the power to ask ourselves twice." Falon's thoughtfulness is particularly refreshing because she is open to her beliefs changing. "I'm all about learning, always growing. About moving forward with what you've got."

And it's this notion that sticks with me most. As Loam kicks off our Work With What You Have Project, the spirit of entrepreneurialism, environmentalism, and empathy that Falon brings to Blue Orchid Botanicals is worth embracing as well. Here's hoping that we all start working with what we have as a way to exercise a little more love and gratitude in this world.

Kate WeinerComment