I have been immersed in Robin Wall Kimmerer's Braiding Sweetgrass lately. It's the most life-affirming and action-inspiring book that I've had the good fortune to dive into. And it's a work of poetic art.

One of my favorite chapters focuses on the importance of giving gratitude. For each one of us to be the effective environmental activists that we are capable of becoming, we need to know what we are fighting for. Expressing thanks each morning for the gift of the world provides you with a deeper connection to the earth.

You can start very small. When I get up, I give thanks for the plants that fill my room and the food on my plate. When I walk to work, I thank the trees (sometimes out loud, but only ever on accident). I feel like I am learning how to better love my neighbors.

So make this the day you say three things you are grateful for when you wake up and three things you are grateful for when you go to sleep. A simple thank you, flower is enough. And then watch for the resonances, the ripples of your actions. Because gratitude truly can open up the world. 

Kate WeinerComment