Passion. I believe passion is that spark everyone has within them. It vastly differs from person to person. It can be a bright burning flame or a single stoic light. The physicality doesn’t matter because everyone’s passion is integral and important to them

If you consider yourself an activist, an advocate, or believe in any kind of justice then you already have a desire or a vision for a kinder planet. You’ve probably read books, devoured information, streamed documentaries, and altered (for the better) certain aspects of your life. You long to manifest your passion and desire into fruition.

Community and communication is important. This facet of our life cannot be stressed enough. However, we should go about it with compassion. Not everyone’s mindset or perspective will align or correlate identically. We can share our views all the while respecting each other. At least in an ideal world this is the case.

If you’ve ever been criticized or chastised for your passionate beliefs, it's as if someone is telling you your plans and hopes have no merit or worse (in my opinion) you’re holding on to a negative view of the world. Why is it that sometimes, passion gets misconstrued with despair? Why can’t some of us speak with ambition without the fear of being antagonized? Debate can be healthy and critiques should allow us to evolve but not when it devolves into harsh judgment.

If the purpose behind your passion is to leave the planet a little (or a lot!) better than you found it – dedicate yourself to it. Unfortunately you may encounter nay-sayers and people who think your light is “too bright.” At the same time we may hold onto our beliefs so fiercely that a murmur or opposition may cause us to bring out our armor and misunderstandings occur. Ambition is not aggression and some of us are gentle warriors.

You cannot change someone else’s perspective through hate or belittlement. Fear is not effective because there is no gain in someone passively or forcibly following an ideology. Consider this: the energy you put out, if you are only exhibiting negative feelings or energy – do you think you will receive positive energy from that? Chances are you will likely only fuel negativity and rarely does that lead to any solution. You gain more insight from others when you communicate in an articulate manner.

Acknowledge not everyone has the same mindset as you but you can influence others if you are well-rounded and considerate. If you believe in something, represent it with compassion and mindfulness. Go and better the world in anyway you can. No matter who may think your ideas are unattainable or that your dreams are too wild: prove them wrong with kindness and authenticity in your actions.


Kate WeinerComment