WORDS & IMAGES: Will Russack

This project is a celebration of life, growth, and death in urban environments. A single
oak tree growing tall in a neighbor’s yard is no less extraordinary than one in a forest. If anything, that solitary suburban tree is even more worthy of our wonder and enjoyment. Yet, all too often these glimpses of wildness go unnoticed in the commotion of city life. Should we not revere the clumps of grass peeking out between slabs of concrete, or the quick flash of a fox in a park at dusk? These images call attention to the vibrant activity happening all around us, beating to rhythms that will long outlast any of our SUV’s, chain link fences, or concrete sidewalks. Perhaps, if we tune in more closely to the natural phenomena that occur within the confines of our cities, we will better understand what we have to lose.



Kate WeinerComment