Artist Statement for "Creature Comforts" Series 

The watercolor paintings presented here in the series entitled "Creature Comforts" illustrate actual interior photographs of homes in and around Aspen, Colorado which (at the time of the paintings' creation) are currently on the market and represented by various real estate companies. Within each scene the artist painted an animal, juxtaposing themes of wildness, necessity, and survival. 

Where can we find the balance between needs and wants, between living in contentment and living in excess? In an age of rising temperatures, plummeting natural resources, and increasing environmental catastrophes, the gap between the haves and the have-nots is becoming exponentially greater. There seems to be a growing desire to separate ourselves from nature in the wake of these climate changes (to build bigger, stronger homes that feature more conveniences), but is this ultimately realistic on the inevitably long-term scale? While some of these "creature comforts" have made life a little easier, how can we remind ourselves that humans are essentially still a part of the natural world and not naturally surrounded by luxury and extravagance, having become completely insulated from the environment? 

Kate Weiner1 Comment