These photos document a recent trip I took out to Utah. Over the course of a week, I explored Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and Grand Escalante. This was my first time out to the American West, and damn, what a life-changing experience. I’d never before experienced an environment quite like it, with the dry, hot air, the tall tan rocks and red soil, the constant smell of pinyon in the air – it was all so awe-inspiring. I’d just finished up my final year of college, and although it had been an academically and emotionally challenging nine months, I hadn’t felt a sense of adventure in a long time.

This trip reawakened that adventurous spirit in me, as I clambered over boulders, hoisted myself up to dizzying peaks, and navigated myself along narrow, winding paths. It was an incredible time, not only for the experience of witnessing for the first time these beautiful natural landscapes and geological formations, but also for that strong drive for adventure, risk and exploration that so often lays dormant.

Kate WeinerComment