Welcome to Loam


Hi loamy loves!

In celebration of the upcoming autumnal equinox, I redesigned the Loam site to reflect our evolving movement. It’s been nearly 3 years since Loam launched and I felt that we were in need of a new look!

For those of you who are new to Loam, Loam is a movement of compassionate and creative activists who strive to support one another as we find our footing in the heart of the climate crisis. Our community is passionate about seeding regeneration, resilience, and joy through embodied experiences that inspire the cultivation of sustainable activist practices, foster intersectionality across movements, and help each one of us to heal our connection to our earth.

From publishing a vibrant print magazine that illuminates the work of diverse artists and activists to teaching workshops on everyday activism, community resilience, and spiritual ecology, Loam's crew is committed to building a better world through arts-as-activism. 

As the curator of Loam, it’s my mission to share stories from our constellation of creatives that nurture regenerative and resilient practices in service of feeding a brighter future. I’m grateful every damn day to be in community with you all and to continue to explore what stewardship, social justice, and succulent living looks like at the intersection of ecological, sociopolitical, and cultural crisis.

And for those of you have supported Loam as we seed, stumble, blossom, reimagine, and rediscover, infinite love and thanks for everything you do to heal and humble. I learn so much from you all about what Loam is and what we can do.

With love,


Kate WeinerComment