Loam Love


I’m so excited to share that Loam Love will be launching on the Sept. 24th full moon! Loam Love is a digital missive delivered to your inbox on the full moon each month that shares an essay, project, remedy, read, and practice in service of inspiring embodied experiences.

Curated to spark change and inspire action in the reader, our monthly Loam Love missives are an opportunity to guide you through an immersive experience by interweaving rich stories, recipes, and remedies. Loam Love is also an opportunity for our community to better support projects and people who are working to feed the seeds for climate justice, creative community, and collective liberation by helping us contribute 20% of profits from Loam Love sales each month to a transformative organization.

What’s in each issue of Loam Love?

  • A feature that shares the story of an inspiring project working toward social justice and ecological regeneration

  • A blueprint for a practice to support sustainable, succulent, and sacred living

  • An original essay that explores issues at the intersection of everyday activism and resilience

  • A recipe for a seasonal remedy to nourish the body and inspire joy

  • A profile of an illuminating read to dig into that month

It's my vision in the coming year to truly evolve Loam into a platform that can better serve our constellation of creatives. Many artists, activists, and environmental educators I know—myself included—struggle to find compensation for our work and adequate support in our visions. We don't always know how to "value" our time, energy, passion, and projects as we strive to balance building new systems with living within our current capitalist modality.

My hope, then, is that subscriptions to Loam Love will help me (1) do more to financially and emotionally support the wild dreamers & doers who bring Loam into being; (2) create the spaciousness in my life to craft content that will inspire and support our community; and (3) provide a framework for an immersive experience for you to savor each full moon.

I’m so excited to share this offering with you all! Thank you endlessly for your support.

Kate WeinerComment