Beloved Vessels for Building Community


Beloved Vessels for Building Community grew from my friendship with Amelia Davis of Two Hands Full. Amelia is a truly gifted potter and passionate environmental advocate. From choosing to ship her ceramics without plastic to encouraging a culture of environmental and social accountability within the small business community, Amelia is proof that every daily decision can be a channel for regeneration. When I use one of her beloved vessels, I not only feel more mindful of what I eat but I also feel motivated to make. Having a beautiful home to house my nourishing suppers truly sparks my desire to cook up wholesome fare to feed both myself and my incredible community.

It’s in that spirit that Amelia and Loam collaborated on the Gold Mountain Arnica Bowl to inspire creativity, cooking, wellness, and presence in our community. We wanted to create a beloved vessel to nurture connection and felt that soup was a solid starting point. Throughout time and across continents, soup has been used as fare to fuel social gatherings. Mamas have satiated their sick children with servings of chicken soup. Herbalists have healed their communities with enriching broths. Radical organizers have seeded revolutions at communal tables mapped by big pots of steaming stew. Soup’s essential and accessible nature—you don’t need much to cook up a toothsome soup to feed a crew—makes it medicine for the masses. Our hope is that the Gold Mountain Arnica Bowl will encourage you to honor how food can be a tool for connection to both your sweet self and to your loving community. This bowl was made with a WHOLE lotta love and we hope it will be a beloved vessel throughout your lifetime. A reminder, really, that the simple act of cooking for ourselves and our loved ones can enrich our lives, exercise our activist muscles, and cultivate communion with Earth.

Each bowl includes a letterpress card from Naoise of The Chain Press highlighting a recipe from community herbalist Jade Alicandro Mace of Milk & Honey Herbs. Naoise and Jade are such badasses and we are so grateful to these two for making each one of these limited edition beauties a true treasure.

Kate WeinerComment