Celebrated poet Mariana Rojas and Loam Creative Director Kate Weiner are collaborating on a new podcast series. "Water That Sound: The Loam Podcast" is our way of bringing you into the conversation with the many radical artists and activists that we're fortunate enough to meet through our work. 

Why the name "Water That Sound"? As Mariana explains: 

Not just a transparent and soundless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain, water is a compound that makes us body, a body, bodies—another body of water. For so long we have misinterpreted silence, we have drawn parameters around fears and secrets and called it silence. Silence, like the desert is the reminder of the lurking rain, the conceivable flood. And like the act of pouring water into a flowerpot and seeing a leaf or petal blossom—the trickles make a sound, confirm that the patience inherent to silence is the companion of growth. Silence is the location for the potential of sound and bloom. Climate change tells stories of oceans rising, but we continue to remain silent in the climatic changes of our bodies. To reinterpret this rising in waters and silence around the condition of our species, our bodies and sound must raise the volume, water the sound, walk in parallel with the stories of our environments. In hope of this noise and remedy for active living, this podcast will water the silences making sound. 

We're so very excited to share this series with you. And as always, we welcome any ideas you might have for interviewees. Know a farmer working to restore soils? Have a friend whose found art is rocking your world? Write in to connect@loammagazine.com. We'd love to learn from you. 

Kate WeinerComment