The ladies of Loam have fallen head over heels in love with the latest album from sun goddess Jess Best. Her gorgeous lyrics and soul-stirring beats beautifully capture the raw beauty and revitalizing pain embedded in breaking up. Resonances of the natural world—from the bones of a butterfly to lotus flowers—move in and out through the songs. Listening to the album from "Intro" to "Tried to Run," one gets the sense that for this artist, human connection is profoundly entangled in environmental connection.

What we love most about "Kid Again" is Jess's celebration of the fiery creative spirit. She reminds us that taking the time to make art is essential for healing both our soul and this world that we live in and so love. Our favorite tracks? "Soul Flower," which will make even the most brokenhearted feel inspired to do, and "if I grew up," which returned us to the daring dreams we nurtured in childhood. 

Kate WeinerComment