My life has been very busy lately but it hasn't necessarily felt "full." During weeks like these, when I'm tired of careening from one thing to the next and hungry for moments of transcendence, it helps to ground myself in those small moments, however fleeting, when I feel deliciously present. Today was a gorgeous cool spring day. I spent my lunch break walking through the sweet air and it was so sumptuous to simply be, enjoying the birdies & the pink buds & my ginger tea. 

One of my greatest struggles as an activist is that in my urgent desire to create radical change, I find myself conforming to capitalist systems of productivity. There will be weeks when I am almost always either on my screen or at strategizing sessions, writing, working, thinking, fighting, because I'm afraid that I can't afford the luxury of sitting still. 

 I spend so much time searching and working and wracking up experiences. And sometimes, it makes me feel full, and sometimes, it just makes the days busy. I almost always want more.

But I want to continue to hunger, to dream, to act, without losing the ability to savor the simplicity of the moment and the soul-nourishing necessity of a lazy day. More isn't always better. 

When I think about the times I have felt most full in my life, most alive, it is when I'm loving & being loved & not much else. And I think the key to cultivating a sustainable relationship with our planet is to recognize that's all we really need to do, most of the time. 

So my challenge to myself (and to you all) is to pursue something, someone, some place, that makes you feel full this week. Find the love you have been looking for and soak it up.

Kate WeinerComment