This has been the darkest night of my life. It still feels surreal. I can't stop shivering or sweating. I can't stop feeling the weight of being in a woman's body and knowing that the U.S. has elected a child rapist, climate denier, and bigot as President. The world can be unfathomably cruel. 

But I know that the fear that floods me is nothing like the fear that fills our brothers and sisters—people of color, LGBTQ, religious minorities, immigrants—whose lives are threatened by Trump. To each one of you, I love you so fiercely and am going to do everything I can to support you. Let me know how. 

We do not have a government right now that can take care of us and our planet. Tending to the health of our climate is exceptionally urgent and it terrifies me that we can't rely on our elected officials to enact policies that will mitigate the devastating ecological, social, economic, and cultural impacts of global climate change. But there is opportunity in catastrophe. From now on, we are going to turn to one another to get shit done and we're going to get shit done. We are going to build a riotously beautiful and a profoundly better world because we owe it to those whose lives are intimately threatened by Trump—and to our earth who needs our everything—to do so. 

Today is going to be tough. Tomorrow is going to be tough. And even though sleep is elusive and I can't stop crying from raw fear—What if more pipelines are approved? What if Planned Parenthood is shut down?— It will get easier, because we are not going to let our fear of the future drive us. We are going to put power in the people. Take your sadness, your grief, your fear, and channel it into the kind of healing actions—love, protest, compassion—that make a difference right now. Don't mourn. Organize. 

A few actions that we can take today to help heal:

  • Donate supplies to Standing Rock. Our brothers and sisters in North Dakota need our support now more than ever. 
  • Tell someone you love that you love them. We need to counteract the immense hate that this presidency has illuminated by radiating unabashed love. 
  • Be a body in this world. Climb a mountain. Hold a beloved's hand. Join a pipeline protest. 
  • Nurture your own self-sufficiency skills. We desperately need to work toward a fossil-free future. And that means investing in renewable energy and soil-driven agriculture and environmental justice. Research alternative energy options that work for your home. Plant a garden. Volunteer at a seed saving bank. Dig your hands into the loamy soil and grow something wild because life is rich and it is ours. No one can take that from us. 
  • Show presence. If we get tangled up in the fears for our future, we risk derailing the possibility embedded in the present. 
  • Continue to carry out the small rituals of daily life that make you feel loved by, and in love with, this world. 

And a few things to remember:

  • Trump is not a Dictator. He can't singlehandedly get every horrifying thing that he has threatened to do done. Hell, that monster might be impeached within a year. And he will never be my President.
  • This is a wake-up call. Rise up. 
  • Our Muslim, Queer, Black, Trans, Latino, Native, and Immigrant friends need us now especially. We need to be vigilant at not letting our own enormous grief eclipse theirs. We need to do everything we can to ensure the safety of their lives. 
  • There is enormous power in the people. Be with the people. 

Today marks the end of one kind of world. If we give into fear, it will be only ever that—an end. But if we love, and if we fight, and if we feel the weight of our grief and revel in our potential to create anew, we will create anew. 

Kate Weiner4 Comments