Earlier in the summer, Loam profiled Remedy Quarterly. Remedy's luscious layout and diverse stories brought to life the many different ways that we can choose to approach a meal. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to be published in Remedy's most recent issue, "Share."I feel grateful to contribute to such a wonderful magazine and warmed to realize that there are so many people who care about keeping independent publications alive and well.

It's in this spirit that our most recent Loam Bookshelf pick isn't any one text; it's a call to support small magazines that forgo advertising to focus on vital storytelling. If you want these works to exist, you need to show your support. We can't have the small economy this world needs--can't have seasonal farmers' markets and independent bookstores and community centers--if we don't invest our time and money into these bighearted endeavors.

Herewith, a few independent magazines worth looking into. And unlike most ad-riddled mags, these creative works are meant to be treasured, shared, and savored with those you love.

YES! Magazine

YES! Magazine is my most beloved source of news. Billed as a vessel of sharing "powerful ideas for practical actions," YES! tells the stories of diverse actors working for a more just economy and safe environment.

Darling Magazine

Darling's Photoshop-free celebration of women makes for a rare--and gorgeous--read. Paging through, I am always sure to find inspiration.

Jacobin Magazine

This socialist magazine is a staple in my household. Jacobin has taught me a tremendous deal about how to look at the world in new ways. Their stories challenge structural inequalities and shed light on more mindful living. And the cover art is reliably kickass.

Let us at Loam know what independent magazines you like to read--we're always looking for fresh material to stack on our bedside tables!

Kate WeinerComment