"Building Resilience Through Spiritual Ecology" is an immersive one-day workshop that will explore how we can cultivate spiritual and social resilience in the face of climate catastrophe. Together we will gather to nurture deeper resilience within ourselves and within our community through a series of collaborative and creative experiences. From walking meditations to mandala making to sharing resources for sacred activism, our hope is that this workshop will provide you with practices, prayers, and interpersonal connections for seeding resilience.

Spiritual Ecology is an emerging field that interweaves spirituality with environmental studies to inspire a heart-centered relationship to our current climate crisis. This school of thought asks us to reflect on how we can use global catastrophe as an opportunity to nourish our interconnectedness, honor the sacred surrounding, and deepen our spiritual resilience. 

We are so excited to share in this journey with you! 

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Location for this event will be shared when you RSVP.

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