Beautiful reminders of things that I value, of tools that I have, and of love that I share… that’s what these cards are about for me. They are a resource that helps bring me back to my heart, to my body, and into relationship with life.

These cards are a sweet way to integrate gratitude, ritual, presence, and inspiration into your life and the life of your beloveds—whether you make a set for them or teach them how to make their own!

The process for creating these cards is truly unique to you. I’ll offer an example of my process, and give you ideas for how this project can look for you. Let it be an opportunity to converse with your playful, creative, expressive, wonderful self. Maybe you want to do the steps in a different order, maybe you want to use photographs or old maps for your paper. Whatever it is, make it your own.

Creating the cards

My process starts with aesthetics. I lay out my art supplies (usually it’s watercolors and watercolor paper) and sit with it all for a bit. I let it all be about pleasure and about what excites me. I choose the paintbrush that looks the most fun to paint with; I choose the colors that leap out at me. I paint the paper just as I like.

Next, while the watercolor dries, I sit with the question, “What do I want these cards to be about?”

Once I decide on a theme for my collection of cards, I write out a list of all the things I want to have on the cards. From this list, I decide how many cards I want to create.

I measure and cut out the cards. I like to measure out on the back of the paper and cut them, but sometimes I do it more free-hand.

I write a word or phrase from my list onto each of the cards. They stack up one by one. And it genuinely feels like I’ve created something alive: like those cards hold the awareness of those words eagerly awaiting to share when the time is right.

Next I decide on their home. If these are a gift, I’ll wrap them up and present them to my beloved friend. If they are for me, I usually select a small ceramic vessel, a mesh bag, or envelope to be their home.

Using the cards

Use depends somewhat on the theme of the cards, but generally the process is as simple as choosing one when you feel like it. I like to sit with my cards and hold them, word-side down, and then I ask the cards a question: “What should my focus be for today?” or “What do I need to hear right now?” Then I pull one or two out and look at them.

Sometimes I keep the card(s) I pull with me throughout the day - as my bookmark, or in my wallet, or propped up on my computer.

This process is all about coming back to yourself. You are already SO WISE and these cards can hold your wisdom for you and reflect it back to you by interweaving the inherent goodness that lives inside you into the fabric of your life.

Ideas for card collections

Creativity is QUEEN here! Consider creating cards that explore these themes:

  • Words that you love

  • Affirmational phrases

  • Self-care cards

  • Phrases you need to hear when you do your work

  • Ways to move your body that help you to regulate your nervous system

  • Plants/crystals/essential oils that support you

  • Things you appreciate about life

  • Things that you appreciate about yourself

  • Things you appreciate/love about someone in your life (this is great as a gift to that person)

I hope these cards highlight the love, connection, and wisdom that is here alive with you and your loved ones. May you be well.



Makayla McDonald is an enthusiastic human and coach. Her business, Food Peace Body Love, is all about befriending the body. Her mission is to create a shift in conversations on body image that is shaped by deep self-love and acceptance as well as a passion for growth, curiosity, and integrated wellness.

Makayla brings a variety of influences into her coaching practice. Before diving into the world of the body and psychology, she studied Sustainable Agriculture and Design at Maharishi University. She has a BA from Naropa University with a concentration in Yoga. She is an avid student of Somatic Psychology and Dance Therapy. She loves nasturtiums, riding her bicycle, and visiting Boulder creek every season of the year.

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