From interviews with revolutionary agroecologists to immersive herbalism guides, Loam: Permaculture in Practice is both a celebration of sustainable living and a call to radical action. Searching for strategies to embody hope? Want to learn how to eco dye? Eager to build a thriving garden? Consider this luscious issue of Loam a vital resource in your pursuit of love-filled and world-building experiences. 

We are SO excited to share this gorgeous issue with you all, loamy loves! Flipping thru this work of art brings me wild hope and joy. Our contributors—from Adriana Moreno of Moonshadow Goods to Saqib, Jocelyn, and Sita of People's Kitchen Collective to ceramic artist SiouxBean—have helped give life to a truly special guide to arts as activism.

Snag a copy today to support artists and activists making waves in the environmental movement(s). There is so much power in the people. 

Kate WeinerComment