WORDS: Kate Weiner


Lately, I've been hungry to MAKE. This has mostly manifested itself in my weekly pottery class (i.e. low self-esteem immersion—I am truly terrible!) but I'm coming to learn that the act of creation is enough. My mud babies aren't beautiful or useful but the product is irrelevant to the process. It feels good to just sit at the clay-latticed worktable and make pinch pots and listen to old-school rock. 

Talking to several Loam contributors has inspired me to learn more about how to extend that love of making to what I wear. Over the course of the last year, I've moved far away from fast fashion (it is one of the most environmentally devastating industries in the world) toward working with what I have. Wearing mostly secondhand and shopping my closet has enabled me to live a little closer to my values—but I have so much left to learn about where my clothes come from and the ecological impact of cotton and how super cool it is to turn your compost into a creative stimulus. 

Feeling the DIY bug too? The following three articles will help you navigate the wide world of handmade dyes and sustainable materials. Learn how to create an onion skin dye, shop chemical-free pigments, and get the scoop on the most conscious cloths. 


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