For most of us, our days are saturated with screen time. We scroll through Facebook, check our phones, send e-mails, surf the web. As I figure out how to balance work and play, it's felt especially vital for me to do things with my hands. That's why I've always loved working on farms. I get to play in the dirt and grow food and be fully in my body. 

The Make Art Every Damn Day Project is an opportunity to re-engage. When you decide that making art is an absolute yes—as integral to your routine as brushing your teeth or waking up with a cuppa coffee—it's easier to get that shit DONE. Everywhere I go, I am perpetually inspired by environmental artists and activists who are committed to the delicious act of creation (most recently, I've fallen head over heels for collage artist Garrett Blad, illustrator Molly Costello, and muralist Favianna Rodriguez). Making art is a practice that plugs us into our world. Whenever I sit down to draw, to scrap together collages from old magazines and craft images from found objects, I feel my understanding of the world grow tenfold. My little ol' heart thrives on the act of creation.

It's important to remember too that as we build art—and as we use that art to drive environmental movements and nourish ecological communities—we never take ourselves too seriously. There are so many times I've been afraid to DOODLE because I worry it won't be good enough. Quiet that voice. You're not meant to be perfect. There's no juice in that. 

Starting today, dedicate yourself to play. Make the space in your schedule for the kind of art that feeds your soul and feels kind to your body. Build a container garden. Craft a hanging planter. Compose a cartoon strip. Sit down (or stand up) and do.

And be sure to share with us whatever art you make. Consider us your loamy mamas, who will sure as hell LOVE anything that you come up with. 


Kate WeinerComment