We cannot settle for the language of compromise. Not when lives are on the line. Not when we're faced with a white nationalist President Elect whose policies would poison our planet and our people. Every time I read a new story about Trump's plans—be it to appoint a climate change denier to spearhead the EPA or bring Stephen Bannon on board—I feel like I'm wandering through a fresh nightmare. We can't allow the recent slew of hate crimes to be our new normal. This is not normal. This is fucking insane. 

During times like this, it is important to remember that there have always been times like this. For the next forever, Loam is going to be vigilant about sharing strategies for direct action with you all. We'll interview everyone from activists working on the frontlines of environmental justice to anarchists in action. Our hope is to provide you with viable blueprints for building a more just, loving, and generous world. 

What's one thing you can do today to fight Trump? Call your Senator or Representative to voice your concern. Many politicos with knowledge of the system have said that calling your Senator or Representative is far more impactful than sending an e-mail. We have to let our representatives know that their constituency is not going to accept Trump as our President. We must encourage those we've elected into office to consider civil liberties and our environment's health as fundamental to their policy decisions. I've been frustrated by Democrats who have sought to accept this horrific election and move forward "together." No. We're going to fight to keep this monster out of office and if he is sworn in, we're going to fight to ensure that his garbage team cannot parcel out public land, unjustly deport immigrants, force Muslims to register, normalize transphobia, destroy our environment, or threaten Black lives. 

Below is the directory for our representatives. Make a call to your local representative today. State your name and why you are calling. It will take five minutes of your time and you might be talking to an answering machine but know that your voice MATTERS. 

Directory of U.S. Senators

Directory of U.S Representatives


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