Loam is so excited to introduce you all to Erin and Sasha of the holistic living blog, Kicking It Whole School. Kicking It Whole School's bighearted and open-minded approach to living well is proof that eating clean, dressing with a conscious, and buying good-for-the earth beauty products isn't rocket science. Each of us can embrace a greener approach to life by making a couple swaps instead of sacrifices.  As Erin shares, "you don't have to be an expert or perfect to make a difference." "In fact," Sasha seconds, "a huge part of the fun of [Kicking It Whole School] is learning and sharing."

Our hope is that the launch of our multi-part Kicking It Whole School video feature will equip you with the resources to live in a way that is kind to the earth--and have a helluva fun time doing it.  Consider Erin and Sasha your tour guides into holistic living with a generous twist (the goal isn't to always be perfect; it's to keep trying and learning and growing). We're sure that you will be as inspired by the gals behind Kicking It Whole School as us ladies at Loam are. Stay tuned for our upcoming series and in the meanwhile, get your dose of Kicking It Whole School here and here.

And as always, our amazing health and wellness columnist Kimora has sage wisdom and empowering advice to brighten your day. Check out her most recent contribution on cleansing and follow her inspiring Instagram. Loam has such a lovely crew of holistic-minded writers and as Kimora always reminds us, the best way to honor that is with gratitude. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

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