Hello Loam-ers, 

We have a proposition for you on this first day of July. In hopes of getting a gaggle of Loam contributors, we have decided to host a monthly words contest. 500 words max, one Loam-y topic. For our first round, we want to hear what your brains think of COMMUNITY. How do you make and create community? What kinds of communities make you feel most nourished, most inspired, and most loved? What does alienation from community mean, and how can we grapple with it? Answer any and all of these questions, and come up with your own! 

Send submissions to loammag@gmail.com by July 10th, no later. Your poem, prose, essay, what have you, will be posted on Loam Magazine's online platform. 

We're grateful to our readers and are hoping they will also be our writers! 

With Love, Loam. 

Kate WeinerComment