I recently published an essay in the Winter 2015 issue of Chickpea Magazine on how to host a zero waste solstice celebration. With the solstice just a couple days away, I thought that I would share with you all an excerpt from my spread. Hope you enjoy!

For most of us, winter is a rough go. Long before New Year’s, we’ve grown weary of cold wind chapping our cheeks, of short days that disappear before the close of work.

And maybe this is why I’ve fallen in love with the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year marks the reawakening of the sun. The light lingers a little longer after the Solstice; dark mornings give way to pinpricks of bright rays. The Winter Solstice is a reminder that where we are—mired in mush and slush and ashy skies—is a beautiful place to be. We cozy up closer to the ones we love. We cherish the warmth of a cup of tea. We cross-country ski and sled down hills bookended in bare trees and taste the soft snow, still falling, on our tongues.

During my last year of college, winter dug deep into our New England town. It stormed in November and snowed through April. My friend (and Loam co-curator) Nicole and I found comfort in gathering with our nearest and dearest girlfriends. Our sprawling potlucks made staying inside with a carafe of wine and a brisk evening biting at the door a delicious to-do. Giggly tarot card readings and good-natured gossip helped us make new friends; chopped kale salads and kohlrabi tarts were an invitation to revel in the season’s root veggie bounty. More than anything, our parties brought love and light to otherwise dreary days.

And because we can all use more love and light (and less waste) in our lives, I’d like to share a recipe—with help from my lovely friends-- for a sustainable solstice party to celebrate the longest night of the year. Here’s to sipping hot cocoa spiked with cinnamon and dancing in our jammies.

Check out the rest of the article here for recipes, tips, and how-tos, and be sure to make some time this holiday season to cuddle up with a copy of Chickpea.

Sending you all a whole lotta love for the Solstice!



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