Loam is a movement of compassionate and creative activists who strive to support one another as we find our footing in the heart of the climate crisis. Our community is passionate about seeding regeneration, resilience, and joy through embodied experiences that inspire the cultivation of sustainable activist practices, foster intersectionality across movements, and help each one of us to heal our connection to our earth.

From publishing a vibrant print magazine that shares stories from diverse artists and activists to teaching workshops on everyday activism, community resilience, and spiritual ecology, Loam's crew is committed to building a better world through arts-as-activism. 

As an emerging magazine and movement, we are grateful for any kind of support you can offer. Have a story that you want to bring into fruition? A project you hope to share? Reach out to our founder Kate at connect@loammagazine.com with ideas, inspiration, and suggestions. Loam is an ongoing conversation with our community and we truly love hearing from you all. 



KATE WEINER (Founder and Creative Director) is an environmental educator and writer. As a 2015 Brower Youth Award winner, a 2017 recipient of the John Goddard Prize for Environmental Conservancy, and a 2018 Spiritual Ecology Fellow, Kate teaches workshops across the country on low-waste living, permaculture in practice, and resilience. Her work has been published in Food52, Remedy Quarterly, Earth Island Journal, Chickpea, and The Man Repeller, and she has been featured in Minimal Mess and Woodland Keep. Kate is passionate about permaculture, plants, and full moon meanders.


GIORGIA SAGE (Design Director) is a poet and graphic designer from San Francisco. She is a 2015 826 Valencia Young Author Scholarand a Point Foundation semi-finalist. She advocates for the importance of integrating environmental awareness and sustainability practices in the contemporary social justice movement and believes firmly in the power of good design as a tool for better world-building. Her writing has been published in SELFISH, The Found Poetry Review, Barking Sycamores, and Your Impossible Voice, among other journals, as well as the MOTIF and Paper Swans anthology series.


JULIA ST. CLAIR (Reawakening Resilience Intern) is a photographer and sporadic farmer who is passionate about ending environmental racism, promoting sustainable living, and advocating for Indigenous rights. She is attending The New School in New York City, pursuing a BFA in photography and BA in environmental studies with a minor in global studies. When she’s not photographing feral cats in Queens, she can be found hiking up every mountain in Maine.





Jess Drawhorn is a photographer, professional adventure-elopement officiant and environmental educator currently living in Boulder, Colorado. The intersection of her varied fields of work is a desire to help others embody the rich and simple satisfaction of being alive on our lovely planet. Jess loves to slow way down and eat ripe peaches. 


Kailea Frederick is a mother and First Nations woman dedicated to supporting individuals of all cultures in remembering their ties to the earth. Growing up off the grid in Maui, Hawai`i forever imprinted in her the importance of reciprocity through indigenous world - view. She feels raised by wild spaces and intimately tied to Honua, our island earth.


Dr. Suzanne Pierre loves tide pools, crunchy foods, and complicated stories. She is an ecologist and biogeochemist who researches how climate change affects plants, soil microorganisms, and nutrient cycles in ecosystems. She thinks and writes about the ways that human interactions with nature are related to freedom. Suzanne lives in the Bay Area.

We are endlessly grateful to the Kalliopeia Foundation for supporting this work. Loam would not be possible without our community!



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