I recently had the opportunity to connect with Shayna and Bryan of Earth Journeys, a company that supports change makers through immersive eco education experiences. Shaped by the guiding principles of spiritual ecology—especially that of the rad Joanna Macy—their transformative twelve day retreat, The Sustainable Living Tour, is a rich exploration of what we can do to cultivate regenerative practices and nourish collective healing.

Over the course of a week and a half, you'll visit permaculture sites, eco villages, and community centers across Southern California by biodiesel bus. From hands-on workshops to conversations with trailblazing sustainability experts to succulent autumn nights camping under the stars, The Sustainable Living Tour is a rare opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and to find community.

I first learned about this opportunity from a patron of Loam—who told me that it was "truly an incredible experience, and one that I credit for where I am in life today"—and am so inspired by the change that The Sustainable Living Tour is activating in this world. I hope you'll join me on this earth journey to heal our hearts and mend our world. Use the referral code LOAM when you sign up and you'll help support the movement we're growing here too.

Kate WeinerComment