After wrapping up my residency at the magical Woodland Keep last week, I've been thinking long and hard about how to grow Loam this year. We're living within the midst of a sociopolitical and climate crisis and I believe so deeply in the power of art to heal deep wounds and inspire tangible change in our communities and in our country. Because of our beautiful community, Loam truly has grown from a magazine into a movement. I love hearing from you that an article on renewable energy inspired you to switch to solar in your home or that one of our Artist-in-Residents gave you a fresh frame for rethinking your relationship to activism. That's the embodied power of environmental art.

To move forward, Loam is going to need a little more support. Asking for help is hard but I believe in what we're growing with Loam and I know that together we can do good in the world.

If you love Loam, I'd like you to consider donating $1 a month to our Patreon. With these funds, my vision is to:

(1) Continue to create content that activates change, 

(2) Provide stipends to our passionate crew of contributors, and

(3) Offer our environmental workshops at little to no cost to our communities.

 Of course, there are many ways to support Loam that go beyond financial contributions! You can apply to be an Artist-in-Residence or contribute content to our site. I love collaborating and truly welcome new ideas.

 I'm so thankful to each and every one of you for your support and love—in all its permutations and possibilities.

With love,


Kate WeinerComment