TRASH IS FOR TOSSERS x LOAM: Zero Waste Alternatives

It's Tuesdays with Trash is for Tossers and in the spirit of change (from fall into winter, from the harvest season into the root cellar) we thought we'd share Lauren Singer's ultimate list for zero waste alternatives. These are the kind of simple swaps that you can make this very day to reduce your carbon footprint.

Check out the full list here and sneak a peek at a couple of waste problems, below, that are particular pertinent as the holiday season approaches.


The Waste Problem: Wrapping Paper on Birthdays and Holidays

Why:  It goes straight to the landfill and is infrequently reused

The Alternative: Re-Use Newspaper and biodegradable twine from a hardware store


The Waste Problem: Plastic Utensils

Why:  They can not be recycled and there is really no use for them

The Alternative: Stainless Steel Silverware 

Where to buy:  Any goodwill, salvation army, or home store. 


The Waste Problem: Plastic Tupperware

Why:  It poses possible toxicity risks and can leach chemicals into your food

The Alternative: Mason Jars

Where to buyHere

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