Loam's mission is to seed joy, hope, and action in our community through creative and collaborative storytelling. Reawakening Resilience  embodies our belief that the capacity to bounce back from adversity is interwoven into our DNA. As the climate crisis escalates each day, tapping into our inner stores of resilience will help us not only survive but also to thrive during these unprecedented times. 

When you support Reawakening Resilience,  you support artists, activists, and educators who are working to heal our world. You'll help our community publish a carbon neutral print publication that shares tangible strategies for cultivating ecological and social resilience with our 22,000 readers as well as nourish Loam's capacity to support artists and activists working at the intersections of social justice and earth care. 

To bring Reawakening Resilience into being costs $10,000. This helps us to fund printing costs, compensate our contributors, support our gifted graphic designer Giorgia Sage, and ensure that a percentage of profits from every issue of Reawakening Resilience sold helps to nurture reforestation in Northern California through the  1 Million Redwoods Project. We are proud to print with Hemlock Printers, the most sustainable printer in North America, as well as to mail our magazines in biodegradable mailers with compostable tape. Although ensuring the ecological integrity of our production and distribution process isn’t cheap,  it's a non-negotiable. 

Our choice to print this publication is rooted in our deep belief that our world needs more opportunities to touch, to engage, and to hold. During an era when so many of us are losing hours each day to screen time, our hope is for Reawakening Resilience to be a tangible antidote to disconnection and isolation. We want to provide our readers with a vibrant print publication that you can thumb through again and again to find resources for resilience, luminous art, and inspiring stories to turn to as you navigate a climate changed world. 

Reawakening Resilience is our most ambitious publication yet, blurring the boundary between magazine and book. We are so excited to dig into this project with our incredible community and can't wait to share this resource-rich guide to cultivating resilience, nourishing regeneration, and fostering intersectionality across movements with you all. Our (growing!) list of contributors includes:

Even if you can't contribute to this campaign, we are grateful for your support in so many other ways. You can contribute to Loam (we will be accepting submissions for Reawakening Resilience through April 15th and would love to hear from you all!); you can attend our workshops on low-waste living, resilience, and rituals for regeneration in California, Colorado, Oregon, and New York throughout 2018; and you can share the Loam love with friends by following us on social media where we strive to share inspiring and illuminating stories every week.

With gratitude & love,


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