I haven't written an essay for Loam in what feels like forever. The last month or two I've been navigating multiple projects and jobs and places. When I do sit down to write, I struggle to stay focused. 

Recently, however, I have found peace in a simple morning ritual that I want to share with you all in the hope that it will bring you the same healing it has brought me. I call it my "tender morning time" and it's DIVINE.

Here's what "tender morning time" means for me. Waking up way early before work and gifting myself a very juicy hour—totally free from tech—to just be. I don't touch my phone or open my laptop. I sit in my bed, sip herbal tea, journal, draw Tarot, doodle, and give thanks. Sometimes I take a walk around my block and savor the sweetness of seeing the moon still in the sky. It's my sweet, precious time to be fully in my body and present to myself.

Your tender morning time might take a very different shape than mine. You might not have the opportunity to wake up as early without severely slashing your sleep. But even if you have only ten minutes in the morning to be, you can still take advantage of that gift. Breathe. Eat slowly. Wash your face and feel the cool water against your skin. Whenever I find myself in tender morning time, I am alert to just how beautiful and miraculous everything is. I am sure you will discover the same beauty too. 

Sending you love today, and everyday.




Kate WeinerComment