We remember that every act of kindness and mindfulness counts, and that progress can happen in small increments. Anger isn’t a sustainable motivator, so we create moments of joy.

Erica Neal

Since Erica Neal—Loam's latest contributor and the modern homesteading mama behind Yellow Swing Garden—shared these words on embodying hope with me, I've found myself thinking hard about what it would take to bring these principles into practice. It's SO important to remember that the radical revolution our world needs is in the details. Progress happens because of the small steps we take, day after day, to cultivate sustainable ecosystems and nurture healing communities. 

In that spirit, I've been dreaming up ways that I can make my own magic. How can I create moments of joy in my life and in the lives of those I love that deepen our ties to one another and to this earth? How can I cultivate experiences that help my community honor our roots and give us the nourishment we need to fight the good fight? These questions have brought me closer to the realization that moments of joy need the same time and thought I put into moments of activism (and sometimes, the two are one in the same!)

With the summer solstice a few weeks away, planting seeds for beautiful, dreamy gatherings feels especially needed. So here are three things I'm doing to make my own magic this coming month. Share what you're growing in the comments!


In one of my favorite features in the current issue of Loam, Sita, Saqib, and Jocelyn of the People's Kitchen Collective share their belief that the kitchen table can be fertile ground for a revolution. It's a beautiful sentiment and one that holds true even when we transform the kitchen table into a farm-to-table spread to savor outside. Gathering together with friends over food really is a simple recipe for building community and deepening our delicious love for this earth. My dream is to bring a farmers' market haul rich in luscious fruit, veg, breads, and spreads to share with friends by the lake close to my home. We'll page through books and talk life. We'll watch the sunset. It's a simple idea but one I can't wait to bring into being (and lucky for me, it's not so hard to do so!)


My friends Lizzy and Matilda introduced me to this idea and I think it's such a powerful way of bringing the wild home to wherever we are. I want to bring my bed into my friend's backyard and sleep under the stars; I want to camp by the creek close to my home. These are places I pass by or walk through nearly everyday and it feels magical and inspiring and exciting to me to teach myself how to inhabit these pockets of nature.


Making herbal remedies, working on my book, dancing outside—these creative acts bring me infinite bliss and make mundane days feel full of magic. Yes to that, please. 



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