The best perk of my job at Loam? Nurturing exciting collaborations with artists, makers, and movers who are bringing sustainability to life in fresh ways. Whether co-creating a dance, writing an essay together, or making a mural, I love learning from and with people who believe in the beauty way and care passionately about our earth. We talk about the harsh realities of climate chaos and also the wild beauty in this world. And we find ways to find our joy, however small and simple, through the transformative power of co-creation. 

My most recent collaboration is with Tori Kendrew of kitchen + kraft. My aunt met Tori at a makers' market in upstate NY and shared my info with her after checking out her naturally dyed textiles! It was such a fun way to connect and as soon as I talked to Tori, I understood what my aunt saw. Tori's desire to infuse the products we use everyday with value isn't just about generating beauty—it's about creating a circular economy that honors reciprocal relationships with the earth. Her support of local dyes, fibersheds, and makers is really about supporting systems that heal our soil and foster a renewed reconnection with plants. 

This handcrafted and hand dyed farmers' market tote is such a luscious work of functional art and embodies what I want our shop at Loam to be: an opportunity to financially support our network of sustainably-minded makers by providing products that encourage action. My hope is that this sturdy tote, designed for the long haul, will inspire you to reuse bags, reimagine your relationship to your belongings, and reinvest in the local. Because if we want small, sustainable makers to thrive, we have to support 'em!

Kate WeinerComment