Loam loves Yes! Magazine (if you haven't checked out this antidote to doom-and-gloom, please do). We particularly appreciate their Carbon Footprint Calculator. It will help you reevaluate your actions and provide you with a little push when it comes to mitigating your own footprint. 

It's easy to deride small actions when we need systemic change. But the macro and the micro are synergistic. I have many friends I truly admire who are passionate advocates for the earth. But like me, they sometimes don't bring that passion back into their homes. To know change is possible, you have to make changes in your own life. That can mean sacrifice or simple swaps. But heck yes, this world—and our lives—is worth it.

Check out the calculator. Commit yourself to making one small tweak today. It can be choosing to eat less meat or biking around more or wearing sweaters instead of turning up the heat. Play around and find what feels good to you, trusting that this little change can make a big difference. 

Kate WeinerComment