This time last year, Nicole and I wrapped up our Indiegogo campaign to fund the seeds for planting Loam. We raised 113% of what we asked for: we fundamentally couldn't do what we do if not for our supporters' generosity, our readers' energy, and our staff's passion for merging creativity, play, and environmental activism. We're very grateful/madly in love with each and every one of you. 

Below, a few exciting updates on where we've gone this year and what we're up to next:

Loam is coming to Colorado! With Kate living in Boulder and Nicole writing wild in Aspen, we've been hard at work organizing events throughout the summer and into the fall that celebrate creative communities and environmental activism. We'll be collaborating with permaculture organizations, hosting events at Denver's very first zero-waste market, and guiding outdoor adventures. Join us!

We shared our story across the country. In October of last year, Kate received a Brower Youth Award for her work with Loam and Wild Walls. She's since spoken in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and NY on creativity within the climate movement. Nicole was featured in the Wesleyan Newsletter as well as cultivates ecologically conscious communities in CO. 

Our Loam staff has been kicking ass. Seriously. From Kimora's work as a yoga educator to Lily's nature-based musings to Sage's gorgeous poetry to Alison's Neighborhood Naturalist Project, our loamy loves have been generating some powerful energy lately. Wowza. 

As we move into our second year, we resolve to cultivate a presence in communities, continue to collaborate and co-create with people and projects that embody hope, mold a business model that allows us to financially compensate our artists and ourselves, and bring the same spirit of lightness—that feeling of "this could be anything"—that we first felt sitting cross-legged with tea in our hands on our college porch, imagining what we could do. 

We're so thankful for the raw wonder and wild hope that Loam brings into our lives. We are some seriously lucky ducks.

Today is all about celebration. And we want to celebrate with YOU, our beloved readers and badass activists and brilliant sources of inspiration. 

Ready to party a la Loam? Here's how:

Grow something green. Our hanging planter how-to will help you bring breathing and beautiful plants into your life, no matter how cramped your apartment or tight your budget. 

Like us. It's hard to ask for help. But we know that if we want to create a system that financially supports our staff and fortifies the impact of our campaigns, we need a little love. So follow Loam on Instagram or like us on Facebook or shoot us an e-mail at loammag@gmail.com.

Disrupt something. Make today the day that you dive into a delicious act of radical inhabitation. Drink up the outdoors, reinvigorate your relationship to reducing waste, create art that stirs up your soul. There is no need to wait to make positive environmental changes because you, succulent collection of stars, already have all the tools you need to get started on something amazing. So do it. 

Sending you all our loamy love,

Nicole & Kate


P.S. Contribute to Loam Summer 2016! We've been getting some WOW submissions and can't wait to see more. 




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