Loam has long been a big fan of Ivy Chuang of seed-to-skincare company Blendily (read our profile of this rad mover and maker here). So we were particularly delighted to find an article of Ivy's in the latest Blendily newsletter on turning waste into wonder. Her sprouted spud chronicles celebrate the spirit of sustainability, creativity, and soil love—because EVERYTHING depends on healthy soil—that us ladies at Loam so value.

Check out your daily dose of inspiration at this link. We're sure that Ivy's garden journey will encourage you to do a little digging of your own. As Ivy notes of her surprising spud growing:


If I was able to basically, accidentally grow potatoes, then anyone can cultivate a relationship with the land, and see waste turn into food.  With all the negativity and gloom surrounding the state of the world and climate change, there is one element that we have not emphasized enough as a solution: SOIL.  Healthy, fertile, living soil not only has the capability to better feed communities with more nutrient-dense food, it also sequesters carbon, and absorbs and helps purify water that drains to our rivers and oceans.


Hell, yeah. Let's do this thing.

Kate WeinerComment