Inspired by Co-Editor Kate's article on waste-free cooking, we're partnering with Hungry Harvest— a recovered fruits and vegetables delivery service on a mission to end food waste—to launch a #wastefreeweek cooking challenge on Instagram starting this Sunday, March 20th (the Spring Equinox!)

For seven days, we're challenging our followers to eat ALL of their ugly fruits and veggies—from the broccoli stalks to the onion skins! Loam will be providing creative cooking tips and DIY projects throughout the week to help making eating green simple and sweet.

Ready to dive in? Check out Food52's How-To Cook Waste Free for a primer on root-to-stem cooking. Tag your waste-free meals at #wastefreeweek and we'll share our favorites on Instagram.

And stay tuned for our new Waste-Free Wednesday series with Trash is for Tossers. We'll be sharing our yummiest recipes and favorite tips for tasty, fun, and cheap closed-loop cooking.

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