Loam has been busy designing several wellness workshops for the coming year (stay tuned for our collaboration with COCOBEE!) Inspired by Alison Znamierowski, our beloved staff writer and the founder of No Waste Space, we wanted to share a recipe for outrageous dreaming that will help you set meaningful intentions and better adopt sustainable practices starting this very day.



Before you can bring your ideas for a better world into being, it is important to first sit with yourself. Find a spot outside or a comfortable cushion and settle in. Commit to breathing in and out for ten minutes. Try not to think or worry or wonder. And if you do (as we are wont to) breathe through the thoughts. Our health and wellness columnist Kimora Brock is a wonderful resource for learning how.


Write a list of experiences that feed your soul. Don't judge; just make note. What sets a spark in you? What soothes you? Create a written compendium of these sources of emotional ignition that you can return to again and again as you set about the hard work of turning your dreaming into doing.


Dreams need air! Share what you want to do in this world with a loved one. Maybe you have always hungered to bike cross-country (as our friends at Westward Wheels did). Maybe you really want to start your own micro-green biz. Sometimes (actually, a lot of the time) outrageous dreams aren't all that outrageous once we shed light on them. We might find that our friend also wants to cycle the states; we might learn that our cousin has a great contact in the gardening community. Talk, listen, and learn.


Connect the dots between the work you want to do and what is needed in this world. Activist Celeste Tinajero of KTMB beautifully embodies this maxim. Her work as an environmental educator is proof that we can always find a way to link what it is we love (Celeste has always wanted to teach) with what our community craves (more green space, a greater understanding of sustainability).


Find partners who encourage and challenge you. Collaboration is at the heart of everything Loam does. Which means that if you are looking for an extra set of hands in your eco-minded endeavor, reach out to us! (Seriously: just write to loammag@gmail.com). This world needs more compassion and collaboration to bring outrageous dreams (from solar powered cities to flourishing urban farms) to life.


Kate WeinerComment