I recently read an Op-Ed by Nicholas Kristof that talked about the surprising success of the slacktivist "Ice Bucket" challenge toward generating real progress in ALS research. Like many people, I had been critical of the "Ice Bucket" challenge. Meaningful activism, I thought, didn't happen like this (and wasting water like that? Not okay). To learn that the challenge had greatly improved contributions to and knowledge of ALS reaffirmed for me the importance of creating multiple activist channels for people to connect with. Slacktivism, Kristof argues, can be a gateway into bigger, more demanding endeavors. There are some people who can accept change in one fell swoop; there are others who need to take smaller steps to get going. Practicing detaching from judgment until we learn the actual facts is crucial.

Here are two petitions that you can sign today that won't take more than a minute and can have a profound impact on how Obama approaches the Paris climate talks. As you scroll through the thousands of signatures of people who care about a secure climate, remember that we are not alone in this fight. The individuals who drafted these petitions have put an exceptional amount of time and effort into doing what is just for mitigating the dramatic consequences climate change--and making it so that showing your support can be as easy as pressing the "Enter" button. I hope that with time, you'll show gratitude for their work by joining these sustainability stewards at rallies and forums, through conversations and deliberate action. And please share any upcoming activist opportunities with the Loam community, because every little bit has the potential to have immeasurable impact.

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