Thanks to the awesome crew of Fort Negrita for serving as Loam's resident Zero Waste Experts. Below, Ree shares with us a list of the best spots to grocery shop and go out (two experiences that can be difficult to do zero waste) in NYC and PDX. Enjoy! 

How To Zero Waste In NYC

Grocery Shop

Mrs. Green's Natural Market

Retail franchise with a great bulk section for special goods that serves up loads of pasta without the packaging and delectable chocolate treats.

(585 Hudson Street)


Integral Yoga Natural Foods

From bulk soap to pasta, even cleaners, and did I say kombucha on tap. Get those hard-to-find items in bulk here.

(229 West 13th Street)


4th Street Food Co-Op

Wonderful selection and an easy walk to the Lower East Side's many distinguished community gardens.

(58 East 4th Street)


East New York Farmers' Market

A venerable block party worth making the long subway ride for farm-fresh veggies.

(Visit Here for Location Details)


Wine and Beer


This is NYC’s first all draft wine bar. No corks, no dark green bottles, just pour.

(98 Loisaida Ave)


Brooklyn Winery

You can’t get anymore waste free than drinking at a winery; cuts down on shipping and packaging.

(213 N 8th St, Brooklyn)



How To Zero Waste In Portland

Grocery Shop

WinCo Foods

Includes an extensive bulk section. Knock out most of your dry goods (nuts, grains, pastas,etc.) at this one store.

(Multiple Locations)


New Seasons Market

This store likes to pay homage to the ‘good old days’ when everything came in bulk.

(Multiple Locations)


People's Co-Op

Friendly vibe and great for connecting to community events.

(3029 SE 21st Ave)


Alberta Co-Op

Pricier than most; however quality is high and it's a good place to go if you're looking for something special for an event.

(1500 NE Alberta St)


Wine and Beer

The Civic Taproom

This place has flipped the script! Bring your own food and they’ll pour-up some beer, wine or even cider for you.

(621 SW 19th Ave)


Wine & Growl

A small, dare I say, whole in the wall, with a big following in Raleigh Hills.

(8108 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy)

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