I was first inspired to write today's topic on cleansing while going through twenty-two years worth of possessions in my room to prepare for my move to California. During what turned out to be a very long and tedious process, I found so many items of clothing, books, electronics, and other things I swear I had never seen in my life! Since my family was going through a very similar experience whilst cleaning, we decided to sell our items at our yard sale and donate what wasn't sold to charity. With all the boxes and dust that began to resurface during the cleansing process, it seemed like the state of our house was actually worse off. We had to organize and clear out the giveaway items, clean what remained of our house, drive around town to put up our hand made signs, have the yard sale, pack up the remaining items into boxes, and call the donation truck.  Yes, the process would have been a lot easier if we nixed the whole yard sale thing, but I was willing to work a little bit harder to make a profit to help ease the financial stress of moving across the country.

The best part about going through a hard time in life is that you know that if you make it through to the other side, you will be better for it. Although it is easy to get caught up comparing ourselves to others, we already know that in order to have a fulfilling, peaceful, joyous, and drama-free life, comparison is number one on the list of no-no's. I believe that the age-old adage about "the grass being greener on the other side" is all about going through tough times and making it out better than before. SO...

Pretend you're a lush field of grass (I know, but use your imagination and stick with me). You're just a happy little plot of grass and you spend your day out in the sun and enjoying life as any young grass plot would. Suddenly, you start to realize that you are dried out and beginning to brown so you begin to feel down and out. In the midst of your woeful cries, you realize the sky has begun to grow darker and the cumulonimbus clouds are covering the sun-your main source of happiness as a little plot of grass! The storm begins and there's thunder and lightening and you are scared and feel helpless. 

For some reason that I have yet to figure out, the "storms" in our lives often seem to come when we are already down. You can learn to appreciate the storms if you trust that no matter how uncomfortable, these upsets are a catalyst for your evolution as a person. And when it is over, your grass is not only greener, but thicker, and more lush, and just teeming with vibrancy and life!

 OK. I never said I was good at creating metaphors, but you get the picture. 

Although it was a lot of hard work, and took patience, diligence, and persistence, nothing compared to the feeling of when the donations truck took the last box and drove away. My family could share in a pristine, clutter-free house and the new sense of calm and clarity that was bestowed upon our home with it.

It's important to apply the cleansing that we exercise at a physical level to our mind, body, and spirit as well. Toxemia is a health condition that is defined as blood poisoning from the presence of bacterial toxins in the blood. The word toxemia can also be used, however, to describe the result of living a toxic lifestyle. This includes the presence of toxic substances in the body, toxic thinking, toxic emotions, toxic people in your life, toxic behaviors, and activities.

Below are some ways that we can clean out these toxicities:

To heal your body, eat fresh food, exercise and get outside! 

To heal your mind, delete negative self-talk and practice thinking powerful, beautiful, inspiring and loving thoughts. You may take one step forward and two steps back with this one and that's okay. It is a process that thrives on self-forgiveness.

To heal your spirit, forgive and send love to anyone and everyone who ever hurt you in any manner, no matter how big or small. Learn from these past experiences and evolve! And always love, appreciate, honor, and respect this life you've been given. 

Love and light, 


Kate WeinerComment