WORDS: Kate Weiner

IMAGES: Nicole Stanton

Hanging planters are a sweet and simple gift. The cedar wood frame that we used above was a fortunate yard-sale find from a thoughtful friend. However, you can find the frame at many local nurseries and Etsy has a couple great handmade options.

what you'll need:

  • Wall planter
  • Wire cutters
  • organic soil
  • succulents


  1. Flip planter over so that the wire netting is face-down.
  2. Unlock side latch and remove the base board.
  3. Fill frame with soil and firmly pack into place.
  4. Reinsert base board and lock side latch.
  5. Flip planter over so that the wire netting is face-up. Map out where you would like to root your succulents. Make sure that you have at least an inch between each stem.
  6. Using wire cutters, make holes that are just big enough to give your succulents both room to grow and a structured support system.
  7. Once you have nestled your plants into place, spritz with water and let rest two weeks. This will give the succulents ample time to take root.
  8. Lightly water every two to three days. After two weeks, you can hang up your planter. Enjoy!
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