As Nicole and I set out to turn our passion project into a collaborative magazine, we've been feeling extremely grateful for our supporters and the many amazing contributors we get to work with (check out our "Support Us" page for a list). We've also been surprised at the simple things that keep us afloat. Herewith, our first installment in our "Loam Toolkit." As Loam grows, what's in our toolkit will change. We want to share with you our sources of inspiration in the hopes that you will do the same. So let us know: what's in your toolkit?


FIELD GUIDES: Having a cache of handmade field guides with me has helped me take notes on sustainable initiatives that I'd like to learn more about and remember details from conversations. Nicole and I are working on a how-to to share with you all soon so that you can get scribbling!

COLORED PENCILS: Because you need something to write in your field guide!

FRESH FRUIT: It's the season for berries and I've been finding sweet solace in farmers' markets. At most markets, you can find berries that are better and cheaper than in the stores. I love using berries as a way to delve into deeper conversations with farmers on sustainability. Most farmers I work with are more than happy to share their experiences.

HANGING PLANTER: I made this hanging planter as a gift for my Mom. Although I'm far from home, I love that hanging planters can be a way for us to cultivate our own ecosystems. It's a great exercise in reciprocal biological systems and plant lives (and that it is beautiful to look at is an added bonus!) If you want to make your own, check out our how-to from June 5th.

TEA: A simple pleasure that helps me get centered. Enough said.

CAMERA: For snapping pics of beautiful landscapes and inspiring surroundings.

TOTEM: Stay with me on this one. At the start of any new venture, it can be easy to get lost and overwhelmed. Having a small totem--whether it's a necklace you always wear or a stone you keep in your pocket--can help ground you throughout big changes. I've been finding power in a turquoise ring that reminds me of my grandmother's loving, get-it-done spirit.

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