terrarium |təˈre(ə)rēəm|: noun ( pl. terrariums or terraria |-ˈre(ə)rēə| ) a sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: modern Latin, from Latin terra ‘earth,’ on the pattern of aquarium .

what to snag:

  • a clear glass jar, bowl, vase – a beautiful glass container of any kind
  • rocks, pebbles, or recycled glass chunks
  • activated charcoal
  • potting soil that will make your plants happy
  • moss – only if you want
  • various small plants (succulents are our favorites)
  • a scoop, shovel-like tool
  • scissors

what to do with the things you’ve snagged:

  step 1: envision your terrarium…where will the plants go?
  step 2: wash out your glass container to rid of any residue that could poison your charming          plants
  step 3: fill the bottom of your container with 1” of rocks, pebbles, or glass chunks. this will allow   the water to settle, as to not over-hydrate your plants.
  step 4: cover the rocks, pebbles, or glass chunks with your activated charcoal. just a layer will    do. this stuff keeps odors and mold out of sight.
  step 5: add enough soil that your plants will have room to root and grow. 
  step 6: take your plants out of their containers, snipping the roots if they’re a bit too long and breaking up the soil with your hands.
  step 7: place the plants in the soil, patting down the soil around their little selves to secure 
  step 8: if you snagged the moss, put it over the soil, between the plants.
  step 9: give your terrarium a couple of shots of water to get it started. 

what to do about the things you snagged:

  1. keep in indirect sunlight
  2. water just enough so the soil isn’t dry
  3. trim the dead leaves off your plants to keep your terrarium vibrant

now love the heck out of your little plant globe.

Kate WeinerComment