Loam’s resident health and wellness columnist Kimora Brock is a plant-based powerhouse. We’re lucky to have this actress, yogi, and earth advocate on our team. And so to celebrate Kimora’s emerging success—she recently moved to L.A. to pursue her passion for performance—we’ve compiled her sage take on ways we can nourish both ourselves and the ecosystems that we are part of.

The practice of yoga gives us so much more than feel-good endorphins. With diligent practice, yoga keeps the arteries and muscles elastic, the joints mobile, our internal glands in tip-top shape, and our body in proper alignment. As you pursue a yoga practice that feels right for you, embrace that there might be moments of physical discomfort or uncertainty. Accepting that you are in a state of deep learning about your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self can be a beautiful kind of healing.

Practicing gratitude is about shifting your focus to the abundance of good things already happening in your life. Write down three things you are grateful for every day and you’ll learn to better appreciate the big and small moments of grace.

It’s important to apply the cleansing that we exercise at a physical level to our mind, body, and spirit as well. Toxemia is a health condition that is defined as blood poisoning from the presence of bacterial toxins in the blood. The word toxemia can also be used, however, to describe the presence of toxic substances in the body, such as toxic thinking, toxic emotions, and toxic behaviors.



To heal your body, eat primarily fresh, whole foods, exercise and get outside. Enjoy everything the natural world has to offer and work to protect it because you are part of it. To heal your mind, gravitate away from negative self-talk and toward channeling powerful, beautiful, inspiring and loving thoughts. You may struggle with this one and that’s okay. It is a process that thrives on self-forgiveness. To heal your spirit, forgive and send love to anyone and everyone who ever hurt you in any manner, no matter how big or small. Learn from these past experiences and evolve. And always love, appreciate, honor, and respect this life you’ve been given.

Kate WeinerComment