It's no doubt that we live in a world where drama, negativity, sticking to the status quo, and unhealthy living is lionized. Most of us are embedded in a drinking culture that can lead to assault, consider stressful living as normal, and suppress our true feelings out of fear that what feels right to our soul might not fit into what others expect of us. Without introspection, these toxic behaviors only multiply. And so if you truly want to know what life really means to you, practicing purifying and detoxifying both your mind and body can be an incredible channel toward more mindful living. Freeing yourself from these toxins and negativities makes more room for meaningful activities! You will find that this place we call earth is a perfect environment for creating the life of your dreams.

After doing a three-week purification and detox program when I got to LA, I came to the realization that every single person on this planet has the same purpose: to follow and create the dream that has been placed in their hearts. Depending on nature and nurture, that individual truth will be different, but the core is still the same. We are all the same and we are all different. I've found that with a much clearer mind and body, it's easier to listen and hear what is being asked of you. One must always have faith in oneself. So I jump-- and know and believe that the net will manifest. 

Kate Weiner3 Comments